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Lobster is the new pale

I don’t like summer. There, I said it. It’s just not a season that agrees with me. I don’t hate it like I do winter, but it can’t even begin to compare to my love for fall and my happiness for spring. I don’t fare well in heat, am allergic to everything outside, and do […]

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Misplacement of “The Muppets”

Growing up, I watched my fair share of The Muppet Show, and that was fine, because I was a young kid. The show had a decent storyline, and was entertaining because it wasn’t a cartoon and yet wasn’t all real-live people.  Sesame Street also had the same appeal for me as a kid, with the […]

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Back in the land of Minnesota Nice

If you know me at all, you know that I am a proud Minnesotan. My good friend Katie once told me to write about how all Minnesota stereotypes are false. I looked her dead in the face, LOL’ed and said “no, they are all true.” So, now that I am officially back in the greatest […]

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