Dec 2014
Josie Bungert

Post grad with my parents: Wait, should I move out?

It’s been awhile since I wrote a glorious installment of “Post grad with my parents,” and a lot has happened in that time.

1.) I got a real life job

2.) I turned 22 (holla)

3.) I got a haircut

4.) I had a photo shoot with my guinea pig in the fall leaves (see below)

5.) I cleaned my room, it looks real nice

Though numbers 2-5 are hecka important and obvi big life events, number 1 is what we are here to talk about. I got a real life job! It’s super exciting, and I have been there almost three full months now (holy cow). Ever since I accepted my position, everyone and their mom (literally, my mom and her mom) have been asking me if I’m going to move out. And I always respond with “WOAH guys, I just got a job.”

Let me clarify: it’s not like I don’t want to move out. I do, and, eventually, I will. But moving out comes with logistics, ones I am considering for the first time.

So, in attempting to prepare for my future/move towards being an adult, I figured I would share my process/ask important questions with you other postgradders at home with your parents as to why I’m giving myself some breathing room when it comes to…well, getting my own “room,” so to speak, why I am not (yet) ashamed of my living situation, and why maybe you should calm down, too.

Having a big-girl job has been big enough of an adjustment
After being unemployed for almost 6 months after graduation, getting a job was a large adjustment for me, in every sense. Schedules, money, clothing, driving, bussing, etc. I’ve been trying to navigate it for a few months now, and if I were to add on top of that trying to find a place to live, I’m not quite sure I would have the slightest clue what I was doing. I’m determined to know my day by day schedule before diving into another, big, life adjustment.

Where am I supposed to live?
Small detail, but I got a job that is downtown, and that’s not exactly in my price range. I commute 30 minutes from my parents house (which is actually pretty lickety-split on the bus), and it’s much, much more affordable than the places closer to work. And the places I can afford without saving up first? Not exactly ones that realtors would list in the “safe” column. Do I stay in the suburbs by myself? Do I move to the city by myself? Do I find a roommate? Do I rent from a house?

I just started receiving a steady paycheck … and my student loans
For now, without having a chance to save up for places to live yet, living at home really is the best option, financially. Part of the reason I moved home after graduation was because I wanted to start putting money aside for my student loans (which I just made my first payment on *OMGZ*), and I am just now really able to do that. Though I worked in the summer, it wasn’t a salaried position, so saving up wasn’t as important as just getting by. Moving out now would actually put me more in debt than I already was as an unemployed post grad. For now, I will slowly but steadily work at my loan payments so that when I do move out eventually, I will be sitting better than I currently am, which is about all I can expect for myself right now.

I have this, like, boyfriend
I don’t mean to be that girl, but like I’ve said before, I’ve made some decisions in my life based around a pretty important guy, and my living situation definitely needs to be one of those, too. He just graduated from college last Saturday, still lives at home, and is just starting his venture into the job-search world.

My parents have kept me sane since graduation
Though I am a full-fledged adult now, I don’t feel like it every time I ask my parents a question about finances, bank accounts, cars, groceries, student loans, and FSAs. I still feel like I need them, which is weird for me because in college I always attempted to tackle these things on my own, but I think I need a few more sit-downs with my dad about my life before hitting the road (hope he doesn’t mind).

Being alone doesn’t work for me
Even when all of these other things are resolved, I will still have one pretty big problem: I can’t live alone. It’s not that I couldn’t find a place to afford by myself (somewhere I could…hopefully?), but I am a person who can’t handle being by herself for extended periods of time. I like my occasional Netflix-night-in just as much as the next person, but in general, I need to have someone to come home and talk to, someone who will make me go to the gym on Saturdays, someone to sip coffee with me. I was probably one of the few people in the world that loooooved having roommates. Seeing as I just moved back home/got a job, I still need to figure this part out (so if anyone knows anyone in the Twin Cities area…kidding… kind of?), and I can’t get out on my own without someone else to get out on my own with.

So, fellow postgradders, even if you have different reasons for not leaving the nest you returned to quite yet, know that they are okay. Though some days I feel like I gotta get out and start my “real life,” the things standing slightly in my way (even if only in my head) are more important to me right now, and those things keeping you at home are important too.

[Oh, and how could I leave Charlie? For those of you dying to see him in the leaves, as I mentioned above, here he is:]

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