Jun 2014
Josie Bungert

Postgrad with my parents: How do I do young life?

Even though I am living in my 16-year-old room and environment, my inner elderly woman has really come to the surface since moving back home. I’ve always been a little bit of an old soul, but can force myself to liven up in order to become one with the living 20-somethings that I am friends with (and when I can’t do it, I #swug it out). My fellow contributor Annemarie touched on this sentiment in “I’m already an old cat lady,” but I really think the old woman mentality is even stronger when you’re unemployed and living with your parents.

It’s simple, really. I live with my parents, my 19 and 17 year old brothers that do not have licenses so they don’t go many places, and our two cats and a guinea pig. We have a comfortable living room, a nice television, Netflix, Hulu, and food. So. Much. Food. It’s amazing the amount of choices when the primary caretakers are providing for 5 instead of just me, myself, and I.

The Swug things I have gotten used to are amplified in this environment. At least when I was still in college, I had friends all around me to force me off the couch and out to some bar, so every night was not spent in solidarity. It was much more acceptable when it was every so often instead of every single night.

I have been thinking about this a lot because, even though, I am mostly okay with it, I am being reunited with some of my college friends next weekend. Though I simply cannot wait (I need social interaction, please send help at any time), I realized there are things I will have to change, even if for one weekend.

– No Netflix before bed, since we are staying at a friend’s house, so how will I fall asleep without my nightly episode of 30 Rock? How will I go to bed without my nightly bowl of cereal and fiber bar, like the true elderly woman that I am?
– We are driving all night on Friday on a mini-road trip. How will I stay up long enough to keep the driver company?
– And in how will I stay up, how will I stay up on Saturday and Sunday night past 10? Okay, past 9?
– How will I go to a bar? How do I dress for a bar? How will I be up late enough to change and go to and stay at a bar?? And more than one bar? HAHAHA.
– Speaking of the bar, how will I have more than one drink? What drinks do I even like at bars, again? How do I order at the bar?
– How do I cook for myself, or go out to eat? People have been cooking for me here, and buying me groceries, so how do I food?
– There have been days at home that I haven’t worn makeup days in a row, so how will I wear it everyday, all weekend? How will I wear contacts? Do I have to straighten my hair? We are going in pubic, I suppose I should avoid looking like a lioness?
– How do I take cute pictures? I haven’t had any real events since being home, how do I pose? How do I use Instagram, if not just for #tbts and pictures of my animals?
– The most concerning: How do I interact socially, with people my own age? How do I re-enter the land of the 20-something livings?

All in all, I am looking forward to this weekend like you wouldn’t believe. But this postgrad with my parents lifestyle has really put a dent in my progress of carefree, young adult living. Now, if only I can get off this couch, I can prepare for this trip like the vibrant, young woman that I am.

Do you feel this way? How will I rejoin my true life again? Any advice, tweet at me, @jlbungert