Jun 2014
Josie Bungert

Postgrad with my parents: Applying to jobs is my job

Even though I find myself currently unemployed, I have begun to fall into routines everyday. Get up, workout, eat some breakfast, and then attempt to apply for jobs.

I spend, on average, 3-4 hours per day looking for jobs and filling out applications. I have accounts on seemingly every job website there is, and even in all of my years in school don’t think I have ever been more close to my laptop.

As much as I am sometimes bored because I don’t have a place to go everyday (a blog for another time), I never realized how much of my days would be taken up by searching for jobs and filling out applications. I also didn’t think that it really becomes your job when you don’t have one. I feel unproductive if I go through a day without doing a little research, and also feel bad if I don’t look through my job alert emails. Because I don’t have any work obligations at this time, my job is researching and applying.

Even though I haven’t spent many 8 hour days searching for jobs, it is simply exhausting. And yes, because I know most people’s workdays are longer and filled to the brim with things to do, I feel bad for saying that, but it truly is tiring. Even though I have accounts on LinkedIn and Career Builder, some jobs don’t allow you to just apply through these sites where you’ve uploaded your resume. I have random accounts on company’s websites that require you to do so, that I will probably never log into again, but that I had to create to fill out the application. These ones can sometimes take an hour to apply for, after creating the account and completing the application. Also, personalizing cover letters to fit the position, saving, PDFing, and uploading takes an additional amount of time, along with adjusting your resume to the position when needed, takes mass amounts of time.

By the time an application is complete, another process begins: adding the job, listing, and position to my massive Excel document with the date I applied so I can organize when to follow up, sorting through my email to delete the email of the listing I applied to, organizing the contact names of the position so I can know for later, and saving the document, so it all stays up to date.

And, sometimes, after it’s all over, I don’t even know what job I just applied for.

And, sometimes, after all the work thrown into one application, I can be rejected within minutes, by a no-reply HR email address, simply addressed to “applicant.”

I say all of this not to draw attention to the woes of unemployment, but basically to show what I and so many of my fellow postgrad unemployed friends, do all day.

The pluses to this being my current part-to-full-time job? I can do it wherever, home in my pajamas, or at a coffee shop, the only places I can afford at the moment. I can listen to music, or put random TV on in the background. I can lounge with my cats on the couch, or in my bed with the windows open. Really, sometimes it’s nice, simply because of the environment.

So here I go, back to the grind. Good luck to all my fellow job-searchers out there, get some work done today!