Jun 2014
Josie Bungert

Face your fear Friday: Paraskavedekatriaphobia

Guess what day it is? For those of you who aren’t insane like me and don’t look at the calendar for the whole year to find upcoming Friday the 13ths, that’s what today is. So what a more appropriate fear to address today than the fear of Friday the 13th: Paraskavedekatriaphobia.

I could be considered a superstitious person. I literally cross my fingers (and sometimes toes) for good luck, and follow other luck rituals when necessary. I am also superstitious when it comes to this fateful day. It just seems eery to me. The whole idea surrounding the number “13” and all that comes with it. There were times when I was in high school when I vowed not to leave my home for fear that this day could really take me down if I entered the world. However, now that I have grown and realized it can’t hurt me, I shall not be afraid.


The main thing is, the number 13 and these Fridays make me uncomfortable, and the fact that there are so many things out there to support these superstitious ideas makes me wonder. To know that so many incredibly superstitious people are affected by this day makes me think I should be too. I mean, there is an entire movie franchise based around the day. So, though I am not truly afraid for my life, I like to take it easy on these days, and not do anything too crazy. I can see the headline now if anything bad were to happen to me those days, and it has “Friday the 13th” in it.

If you know me, you know I don’t like risk, and don’t really live on the edge. I was pretty much born a rule follower. This does not falter with these types of things. I would rather not risk anything awful on these random dates either.

But I guess today, in true, “Face your fear Friday” fashion, I am going to try to forget that it’s a thing. Though I won’t be doing any sort of cliff diving or rollercoaster riding today, I am going to live my normal routine. I am usually weird and lock myself up, but not today.

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