Jun 2014
Josie Bungert

Face your fear Friday: Amaxophobia

If you read my first post last week, you know I am now doing a series called “Face Your Fear Friday.” If you missed it, click here.

Today I will be working through a lifelong struggle and fear of mine: Amaxophobia, or the fear of riding in cars.

This may be one of my most irrational, long-standing fears. I mean, riding in a car has been something I’ve been doing since my parent’s brought me home from the hospital. But I am not a comfortable rider, never really have been.

I had to face my fear of riding in cars for real when it came time for me to drive. I didn’t want to drive, and in fact didn’t for the first six months of having my permit. I thought about it, and figured that I probably should. The need to bring myself places as a socially budding teenager took over my fear of driving, and, on Father’s Day to please my dad, I let him take me to learn.

Even after eventually passing my test, however, I limited my driving because it terrified me so. I drove to my dance studio, which was part of the reason I felt the need to get my license in the first place, and around my city. That was pretty much the extent. I refused to drive on the freeway, because going over 45 miles an hour terrified me. That is until I met a boy, who lived in a city where I had to take the freeway to see him. I guess if it weren’t for him, I don’t know when I would have taken that first drive of 70 mph.

There really was nothing more terrifying than going on the freeway that first day. In fact, I cried, practically hyperventilated when I had to merge onto the road that had cars flying by at 75 miles. It was horrifying and stressful, but almost 45 minutes later, I arrived safely, but not without stressing about the drive home already.

I discovered my fear of riding in cars was a bit depleted if I was the one driving. Ever since that day, I have been less terrified if I am in the driver’s seat, even if I am still a bit frightened. In this case, I had to face my fear head on, which ended up working in my favor.

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