Jun 2014
Josie Bungert

Cheese, glorious cheese.

I learned this morning from Time that it is National Cheese Day, which is super exciting, since I love cheese.

Let’s be real, even if it wasn’t National Cheese Day, I would eat cheese. It’s pretty rare I go through a day without it as is.

Time released “The Top 10 Best Cheesy Foods” list, and as an avid cheese lover, I couldn’t help but feel the need to alter the list a bit.

Here’s their list.

10. Cheese and crackers

9. Nachos

8. Cheese fondue

7. Quesadilla

6. Cheese fries

5. Cheesecake

4. Mozzarella sticks

3. Grilled cheese

2. Extra cheese pizza

1. Mac & cheese

Okay, a few things. Why are they not excited about this list? If you’re going to celebrate NATIONAL CHEESE DAY, you need some enthusiasm. Also, why no descriptions for their rankings? Their list is a bit arbitrary because of their lack of description. Not to say that their list was wrong, but I would change it up a little bit, and spice them up a bit:

10. Cheesecake. Cheesecake is phenomenal, but it doesn’t really exemplify the epitome of delicious, which is cheese. Also, it’s a dessert, so I almost don’t even want to put it on the list because cheesy dessert should be its own category, obviously.

9. Cheesy potatoes, au gratin potatoes, baked potato with shredded cheese…any sort of mixture of potatoes and cheese. It needs its own line of importance because unlike other foods you can just put cheese on and call it cheesy food, au gratin potatoes would cease to exist without the glorious food of cheese. And that would be devastating.

8. Cheese danish. Cheesy eggs. Cheesy donuts. Cream cheese. Cheesy breakfast food in general. There’s a lot to be said about starting your day with this delicious food group. As good as the average breakfast foods like cereal and oatmeal are, nothing can beat a hot dish with cheese in the morning.

7. Extra cheese anything. Time said pizza, but anything with extra cheese deserves a slot. Extra cheese pizza, extra cheese enchiladas, extra cheese quesadilla, cheese cheeseburger, etc.

6. Cheese fondue. Liquid cheese? Yes please. Also, fondue is great because you can also pick other food you love (bread, crackers, etc.) and combine it with the glorious cheese and create an amazing combination.

5. Mozzarella sticks, cheese fries, anything with cheese you can get at a street fair. Pretzels and cheese, cheese bread, anything else cheesy that passes for a meal at a fair but not in everyday life.

4. Cheese curds. Wait, scratch the last thing about all cheesy foods at fairs. Cheese curds get their own category because they are deep fried pieces of cheese. Deep. Fried. Pieces. Of. Cheese. How was this not on Time’s list? I don’t understand.

3. Mac & Cheese. Pasta (my 3rd favorite food group behind cheese and chocolate) + cheese. Nothing better.

2. Grilled cheese. Bread (4th favorite food group, just so you know) + cheese. Delicious. Also, so easy to make, that is might as well be considered as common as sending a regular sandwich with your kids to school. It was also the first thing I learned to make on my own, so it is basically responsible for a lifetime of nourishment.

1. STRAIGHT UP CHEESE. String, cubed, shredded, in triangle, delectable pieces, or individual slices. With crackers, or on its own. Obvi this should be number one.

So, pick your favorite form, and celebrate National Cheese Day!
(If you don’t know where to begin… click here.)