May 2014
Josie Bungert

Welcome to face your fear Friday: Arachnophobia

As much as I don’t like to admit it, I am afraid of many, seemingly insignificant, things. So, as a post-grad, attempt at growing up, I am starting a challenge for myself, and, because I love alliteration,  am calling it “Face Your Fear Friday.” Every Friday, I am going to attempt to work through one of my fears, right here on Hitchcock Blogs, and, in writing about my experiences with them, hope to maybe become a little less afraid. And maybe, encourage some of you to face your fears, too.

Today I am going to tackle maybe my single most greatest fear of all, one that many suffer from: Arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders.

I begin with this one because it is one that has been increasingly present in my life over the last few weeks. In moving out of my apartment in which my roommate had already vacated, every time I moved a box or piece of furniture, I was watching the area closely, waiting to see if one of these annoying arachnids would come up through the cracks. Fortunate enough for me, I made it through move out without coming in contact with any spiders.

When I came home to Minnesota, I was hanging out at my boyfriend’s house, casually washing my hands at the sink, when he said “Hypothetically, if you were in immediate danger, would you want me to tell you?” He is as sarcastic as they come, so immediately I jumped and ran out of the room, screaming “WHERE IS IT?” as he went over and smooshed a spider on the ceiling. My legs were shaking, I felt tears coming on, and for the rest of the day, since I truly believed the thing had laid eggs in my hair, I found myself, wide-eyed, alert, and on edge. I often jump onto any nearby platform, as if the floor has turned into lava, and shake for a good thirty minutes. A typical, spider-induced reaction for me.

The same thing happened as we were watching a movie last night. This time, less funny, my boyfriend said, “Don’t move,” as he killed the thing right above my head.

I’ve decided that I am sick of living in constant fear of these things, most of which are completely harmless to me. I’ve made it my goal to be the one to kill or get rid of the next one I see, without running out of the room or refusing to use a certain bathroom for a week at a time (yes, this is my normal protocol).

Baby steps, right?

Wanna face some fears with me? Tweet at me, @jlbungert. And come back next Friday for my next phase of fear facing.