May 2014
Josie Bungert

Don’t be afraid to embrace the SWUG life

My motto this entire year has been #swuglife. What’s a SWUG you may ask? Well SWUG stands for Senior Washed Up Girl. Tack on the word “life” after it, and you have the makings of the perfect phrase for your senior year of college.

I admit, the word doesn’t sound all that appealing. But the fact that one acronym exists to describe my lack of care and energy, feelings of increased appreciation for being lazy and decreased appreciation for being in public, and general attitude towards everything I have been doing all year is the most wonderful thing to happen to me in a long time.

The acronym SWUG really does simply serve as an excuse for not wanting to do anything at all (also known as simple laziness). However, having this word to represent being lazy makes the decisions to be so easier. For example, my friends and I will consider going downtown … until one of us suggests that a $6 bottle of wine and Friday Brideday on TLC in our sweatpants sounds way better. The answer to the predicament? Let’s just stay in and be SWUGs. Without this endearing acronym, we would feel lazy and old if we didn’t go do something more glamorous. But with the word? We aren’t just staying in and being lazy: we are embracing an entire lifestyle.

I write this post as an urge to all the juniors out there: do not be afraid to be a SWUG. It’s okay to stay in. It’s okay to prefer yoga pants and your blanket over a mini skirt and a dirty bar. It’s more than okay to watch hours and hours of TV instead of spending your evening clustered into a tight corner of a dive getting heavy breathed on by some rando, and it’s okay to turn your friends down occasionally to be lonely and pathetic.

This is all not to say never go out; it’s just to say that it’s alright to embrace your inner grandmother now that you are officially the oldest students in undergrad. (Side note: now that I am a graduate, I do not plan on giving up this #swuglife. In fact, as I sit curled up under a comforter on my parent’s couch drinking a cup of coffee at noon, I have advanced to Sloppy Washed Up Graduate status, and could not be happier.)

Need more examples? Here was me all of this year. Oh and me all of this last semester.

Want to read all about life as a SWUG? Check out my Twitter feed @jlbungert for some stellar sentences with #swug attached.