May 2014
Josie Bungert

Happy senior (scramble) week

Ah, senior scramble. The all-year-long confess to the love of your life how you feel and squeeze it into senior year.

Here is the official definition from Urban Dictionary:
1. Senior Scramble
(n): The last-ditch attempt among college seniors to find new hook-up partners or consummate a long-standing crush before graduation. While the term may refer to the final year of college, it is usually understood to mean the final semester or trimester, especially during the last (spring) weeks of school. With the impending end of a college environment, the connotation of scramble is desperate solicitation and confession. The practice is common among both men and women. (v): to engage in a senior scramble, or to be party to a senior scramble. Ex: 1. “Can you believe we’re graduating in a month?” “Time for senior scramble” 2. “She never called me back.” “You got senior scrambled.”

I don’t want to talk about finding new hook up partners up in the next five days: I want to look at the examining of a long-standing crush.
This definition from Urban Dictionary addresses the final year and the final semester. However, at this point, you have five days. You have five days to tell the person you’ve been endlessly crushing on how you feel, and hope for the best. If you haven’t by now, I figure there’s a slue of reasons: you don’t want to jeopardize your friendship, you are going to be working/living near them, they are in a relationship, you aren’t sure if you want a conversation about a relationship/a real relationship five days before grad, everyone is moving/going to professional school, starting their lives, you don’t actually know them, you know they won’t reciprocate, etc.

Well, I think you should throw these reasons standing in between you and a possible like/love out the window. Sure, you may not end up with this person forever or even for five minutes, but why not tell them how you feel? You’ve been holding back for at the least a minute and at the most four years, and now is your chance to let it out. The repercussions are potentially the smallest right now.
Obviously, if you decide to senior scramble, don’t expect much. But here are a few of the possible benefits of finally scrambling for your long-time crush: you get it out of your system, you can finally just know if it was or ever will be, you can learn if they feel the same, you can grow up and move on if you need to, if you’re lucky, you fall in love at the last minute. Maybe it’s just because I love love, but I think you have nothing to lose. No matter what is standing in your way, why not go for it? Why spend any time post-grad wondering? It’s crunch time, seniors. Go get your happiness.

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