May 2014
Josie Bungert

My anonymous interviewee? Back, and “looking for new challenges”

I’m sure you remember a few months back I was contacted by someone wanting to be interviewed by Hitchcock Blogs. Well people, he is back, and talks about helping women in situations like the storm that just hit Omaha.


Inappropriate much on the name of our publication?
Also I don’t know what’s to consider, since he is the one that asked me (no told me) about the interview.


Note: I was actually confused by his “coming out of the closet” terminology.


He temporarily stalled the interview because he thought he was manly enough to fight a tornado. OK.


There’s a huge storm going on and he is concerned about chicken. Note: I heard the “distraught” one was really him because he didn’t know he should be seeking shelter until they told him to.

“How they don’t scream that loudly when they see a spider” however they still need to be calmed down by a “charming, calm, collected young man.” Flawed logic. And bad punctuation.


Both 1 and 2 don’t answer the question, and in fact encourage being a damsel in distress, which was the opposite.


It’s so interesting that it’s “best to get your news elsewhere” if it’s a female reporter, but yet he has reached out to me, a female journalist, twice now.


AGAIN: I asked about the females, and he makes it about males. He is horrendous at interviews and I am questioning my journalistic integrity.


His former roommate wasn’t available for comment on the way his friend lives his life.


He says as he is trapped in his apartment alone during a tornado and doesn’t know what to do.


Once again, he chose us. We did not reach out.

For more information on being safe in a storm, taking care of a “damsel in distress,” or how to find a roommate, tweet at me @jlbungert and I will pass your questions on to my interviewee.

Bye Bye Bachelor Pad?
Do you think my subject could use a roommate?