Apr 2014
Josie Bungert

See you, CU

Cue the Vitamin C, it’s graduation time.

Whether it’s high school or college graduation, students around the globe get sentimental, reminisce on their time at their respective school, and look to the future, wide-eyed and bushy tailed. This is not a new phenomenon – it happens for different graduating classes every single year. And everyone moves on to new places, no questions asked. It’s something that just happens.

Because it happens, I have spent the last year or so preparing. In every sense of the word, I am confident in my major/degree/skills/self, and prepared to go into the world.

Despite my preparation, the idea of graduating has been difficult for me to accept. So when I tried to pinpoint why exactly this whole, common, long-time coming, expected idea of graduating doesn’t sit well with me, I finally figured it out.

It’s Creighton.

They’ve been saying it since Welcome Week: Creighton is different, it is a special place. Of course, as a lanyard twirling freshman, I didn’t think this meant a thing. I assumed every place was required to say that, as a final sell to the incoming class that they made the right decision.

But the thing of it is, I haven’t heard this from my other, equally-loving-of-college, friends. They will miss friends, they will miss college life. A few of my friends, who all go to different schools, have said something to the effect of this. They say the general, “I’m graduating, I’ll miss you” things. That’s not to say I won’t miss my friends or general college life, because I sincerely will, but, because I went to Creighton, I will miss so much more than that.

I will miss the mall. I will miss the fact that walking to class is the hub of social life. You don’t have to go find it, it’s all right there, outside, on your walk to class.

I will miss the campus. The fact that every nook and cranny has a story for me. Every building, every fountain, every statue. I don’t just have memories from Deglman Hall, I have memories from hanging out in Hitchcock, sitting by the fountain, Skutt stairs, Becker, Braindeis, the Rasmussen Center. Everywhere.

I will miss that everywhere I go I see someone I know. And I don’t even consider myself to know tons of people. But at Creighton, everyone says hi, everyone waves. That one girl you met at the foam party three years ago? Yeah, she still smiles at you on the mall. The fact that I never make it from Opus to Skutt without saying hi to at least five people, nothing could beat it.

I will miss my department. Every department is like its own club. We have all become loyal to our departments; we defend their honor in every social circle, we crack inside jokes around our non-major sharing friends and they don’t get it. I will miss being only steps away from adults I love and trust, steps away from advice, laughs, and venting sessions.

I will miss the outpouring of love from every single faculty or staff member. Receiving emails of opportunities for involvement or scholarships, from professors who saw something in me. I will miss never being just a face in the classroom. I will miss being known, I will miss being comfortable.

I will miss the liberal arts classes. I never thought I would say that, but really, so many of the life lessons I will take away from this great university are ones I learned in those required courses. I will miss being able to speak my mind, in a room full of like and unlike minded individuals. I will miss discussions. I will miss feeling empowered after some classes, and distraught after others. I will miss feeling smart when I understood a theology concept, and dumb when I didn’t understand a philosophy one. Because even with those feelings, I was learning, and in so, becoming a more well-rounded person.

I will miss the non-stop activity. The constant free tickets, food, giveaways, that just make any average day brighter. I will miss being so overly involved that my head hurts. I will miss the jam-packed weekends, full of Greek functions, CSU programming, campus events like Relay for Life and Luau. NCAA tournament time, therapy dogs. I will miss always having something to do, which at the time may have seemed like a burden.

I will miss the opportunities. I don’t think I am alone in saying that I got to try everything I wanted to. I joined stuff, and I quit stuff. I was never told I couldn’t be apart of something. I went to the activities fair as a freshman, and sat behind those information tables as a sophomore, junior, and senior. I latched onto each of my beloved activities and never let go. I tried every activity that I wanted to, and through each one learned something different about myself. I’m not quite sure every university has the student life we have, and I’m not sure even if they do if it is as strong. I will miss the endless support in each activity.

I will miss every single Creighton unique thing. Our specific Welcome Week, Summer Preview, and RSP programs. Christmas at Creighton. Our Greek recruitment. Late night. Date parties. WAC. Every thing that other schools may have in some way, but that we do in our own way, making it ours.

I will miss it all.

I don’t think I am alone in this. I think every CU senior can relate. You made it until graduation. You could have picked a different school, you could have transferred. But you didn’t. For whatever reason, you stayed. I can’t help but think some of these are part of the reason.

We didn’t all have the same experiences, but we went to the same school. Creighton.

Every school has some stuff like this. It’s true that you can make memories anywhere. But, as I cross the graduation stage in a few short weeks, I will do so knowing, sadly, that I will be leaving, once and for all, this very, very, special place.

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