Mar 2014
Josie Bungert

Why March 27th is the greatest day of the year

Today is my favorite day of the year. To celebrate, I brought back a blog post I wrote today last year.


I am not the biggest blogger out there. I rarely ever think I have anything remotely interesting to say that goes beyond that of my sincere interest in journalism and writing or obsession with TLC. However, today is one thing I felt the need to blog about. Yes, today. Not today in general terms, but the date: March 27th.

Now you may be asking yourself, what is so important about this arbitrary calendar day? It is not my birthday, if that’s what you’re thinking. Well, though you may not agree, I will tell you why it is so great, and should be celebrated like a holiday.

Most people love holidays. Even if we do not celebrate them, we all know what December 25th is, July 4th, October 31st. But why do we love holidays? Because we get or give gifts, get to see friends and family and eat a lot of food. Though most average days of the year have nothing too spectacular like this happening, that is one reason why this day is so great. It gives you an opportunity to appreciate your friends, family and food that we have every other day of the year. It gives us the chance to just wake up and have an extra reason to love the day: not because of society or what events are taking place that day, but because it is a great day. I think everyone should have an arbitrary favorite day of the year, just so they can take an extra time to appreciate what is going on around them.

Another reason this day is great for me is because 27 has always been my lucky number. Like most people who have lucky numbers, there really isn’t an intense reason why it is my lucky number. I am actually a pretty obsessive compulsive person, so I think that one of the reasons I love this number is because it is an even number and an odd mixed together, and it seems to be rebelling against compulsive counterparts like 20 and 50. It is also not a number commonly used because people just use 25 or 30 when referring to anything in great numbers, and people may over look it. I know all of this reasoning is quite random and really probably means nothing to anyone but me, but there may not even need to be a reason to love this number. I just do.

A second reason this date has struck me since I was a 15 year old in high school is because of what the time of day 3:27 represents. If you think about it, it is the ideal time of day for a high school student. If you are a kid who rides the bus, at least in my school district, you are just getting home right around this time of day, or shortly before. If you are a kid involved in after school clubs, your meeting may not be that long, and could end well before 3:30. Obviously, this is subject to what your school’s schedule was/is, but for me, it meant a lot of things. 3:27 meant I was just getting home or headed home, and because of that, I felt no obligation to have to work on my homework at that point. I just got off of a really long school day, why would I be starting my homework that soon? It was early enough in the afternoon to not feel guilty about sitting on the couch and eating a snack, or going on my computer and IMing my friends (yes, IMing, before I got a Facebook). It was also prime sunshine time, so if I wanted to just go outside and sit on the bench in my front yard and wait for other members of my family to come home, I would, and would not feel guilty about being unproductive. I think this must be similar for younger kids who actually go play outside, as mid afternoon is a glorious time of day. So, everyday during the week in high school, 3:27 would be my time, to unwind from my “stressful” life as a teenager and not feel obligated to be doing anything I didn’t want to be doing. Though this feeling of the right to relax only lasted about a half hour to an hour, that was plenty long, as it would be getting darker, my family would all be coming home for the day, and I would begin to feel officially lazy.

So, since 3:27 is my favorite time of day, it is only natural that it is my favorite day on the calendar, right? Maybe not, but my real reasoning for this date is simple. Even despite the examples listed above, it is pretty straight forward: March 27th usually represents Spring to a T (anyone else in Omaha notice how it got nice TODAY? Not an accident. It’s the magic of 3/27). It is about a week into Spring, so people are usually used to the change in weather, and are often taking full advantage of all Spring has to offer. Not only are people dressing differently by this point, but their attitudes are so different in comparison to when it was frigid cold and people were getting knocked over by the wind on the mall. Speaking of the mall, usually by this point in the year, most people are hanging out on the mall, which gives Creighton’s campus an entirely different feel than when people are stuck inside all of the time. Also, March 27th is close enough to summer that people are getting excited, but not too close where people are freaking out about finals at full force yet. All of that is on the horizon, but, on this date, why freak about it? It’s still March. It’s beautiful outside. And, this year, it is right before a 4 day weekend (which just makes it extra wonderful).

So, even though none of you may agree or think any of this makes any sense, there is something to be said about picking a random day of the year and celebrating it like it is the best day ever. It’s a mini personal holiday that can make any average day exciting and extraordinary. I encourage you all to think about what day could be your favorite day, and maybe you will get hooked just as I did.

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(originally published 3/27/13)