Mar 2014
Josie Bungert

Being a Bluejay fan, from the couch

As I sit here, catching up on my Twitter feed from the end of the first game of the Big East tournament tonight that I missed, I can’t help but be okay not being in New York for the tournament right now.

Don’t get me wrong, if given the chance, I would have loved to go. Creighton basketball is pretty much the only sport I’ve paid attention to in college, and the only games I really love going to. But lack of money, time, and general knowledge of New York geography all factored into me not even being able to consider going.

However, I have found some major pros of not being in NY for those of us Bluejay fans on Twitter or on our couches. Just this week, being home on Spring Break, I have not felt far from the Bluejay community.

1.) Watching the game (or social media) in the comfort of our own homes – It’s spring break, so most of us who aren’t in NY are either on vacation or at home. In either case, if we desire, there are places to watch the games, without having to be in a crowded stadium. Obviously, the energy of Madison Square Garden would be phenomenal, but you know what else is phenomenal? Comfort. Sweat pants are phenomenal. And so are blankets, cocoa, and reclining couches. Can you get any of those at the game? You could wear sweat pants, but 1/3 for most comfort? Not good enough.

2.) Bluejay spirit is everywhere Sometimes, when I go home to MN for break, I am reminded of the fact that most people here don’t know what or where Creighton is. However, ever since basketball started gettin’ bigger, more people know about it, and that is everywhere. On Sunday, I wore a Creighton shirt to church, and had another Creighton family two rows in front of me. On Monday, I was an hour and a half south of the Twin Cities, in a town I had never been to, talking to someone about where I went to school, and they responded with “So they’re pretty good at basketball, huh?” It has spread, and it has been great while at home.

3.) Social media makes it all okay – For the most part, through last Saturday’s game and tonight’s game, I knew what was going on through social media: photos, videos, popular game hashtags, score updates – all at my fingertips. It’s nice to be able to feel like I know everything that’s happening. Twitter updating frequently keeps me in the now, up to the last second.

So Bluejay fans not in New York, don’t worry. Consider the benefits of being at home, in your pjs, or on the beach, relaxing while following social media. No crowds, snacks, pajamas: sounds great to me.