Mar 2014
Josie Bungert

Choose function over faux pas fashion

Ladies, as spring is (hopefully) finally approaching, I thought I would take this time to talk about a glorious fashion trend that for some reason is seen as faux pas. And that is the skort.

For those of you of my 90s kid generation, you know what I’m talking about all too well. Our mothers loved the idea of a skort because we could run around on the playground in style while still having the functionality of a pair of shorts. However when we got to middle and high school, they seemed to be out dated, and we were naturally transitioned into skirts.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good skirt. I am a big fan of dressing up, and a skirt is always more appealing than a dress. But recently, I was at a store and found a really cute black skirt, that I promptly tried on. In the dressing room I discovered it was not a skirt, but in fact a skort. So, being the easily-swayed-by-society girl that I have unfortunately come to be, my first thought was to reject it and put it back on the rack.

But then, after looking in the mirror and realizing that you couldn’t even tell that it was a skort, I decided to say screw it and get it. Also, it was super cheap, so it was worth the risk.

Since buying the skort, I have worn it multiple times for multiple different occasions: dress up occasions, work related functions, and sorority functions. It has become a large part of my wardrobe. The best thing about any skirt is that you can change shirts, blouses,, and sweaters to fit any need or mood, and the skirt looks new every time. It is way more comfortable than a traditional skirt, and it’s plain and sleek nature makes it functional for pretty much any situation.

And also, not to toot my own horn, but I have received many compliments from women who probably have no idea that it is a skort. If they did know, I think they would be more inclined to purchase one for themselves after seeing how much I wear it.

So, all you ladies, consider the skort. They may be hard to find at department stores since they are still considered “out of style,” but if you find one, a hidden gem inside the rack, grab it, try it on, and see if you like it. Just give skorts a chance.