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Sorry, this is just how my face looks

I’m sure I am not the first person to feel this way, but 7th grade was a horrible year. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup to school, I went to private school so we wore uniforms (which you couldn’t change out of for gym class – um what? I’m 13, okay?), and, as was becoming […]

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The Great Brain Game

This week, Evan, Josie, Annemarie and Bobby play Taboo to discuss the effects beer and coffee can have on your body. They also discuss animals, popular phrases and other blog posts on this site. Read More » » »

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TSM: The Single Move

As a sorority woman, I find myself frequenting many of the articles on Most of the time, they are entertaining and offer a relatable look at the college experience. However, yesterday an article called “4 Reasons Everyone Should be Single in College” came out on said website, and I could not have been more […]

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