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Super Bowl Week: Dips, dips for all!

If you know me at all, you know that I love to bake and cook, and often do so as a big stress reliever. Well, nothing would be more stressful to me than having to plan and host a Super Bowl party, let alone provide some snappy snacks for all in attendance. Read More » […]

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Hitchcock Corner: JLaw and Beyonce face off

This week is the first episode of Josie and Amanda‘s as yet-to-be-named podcast. Pop culture? Check. Celebrity gossip? Check. Commentary on the state of the modern woman? Check. Get all that in a seven-minute chunk every Monday on HCB. This episode features Jennifer Lawrence and why we hate her, as well as why Beyonce hero-worshiping […]

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Hi, My Name is Jezzabelle.

That’s what my car would say if she could talk. I’m sure this sounds absolutely crazy, but I have, since I got my laptop almost four years ago, named all of the technology I own. I have grown to believe that electronics function better when given a name. The theory stems not only from my […]

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